1. Deep Android Management

In 2012, SOTI collaborated with key OEM manufacturers to harmonize the security and management features across their devices and deliver SOTI Android+, the industry’s first deep management solution for Android devices. Together, SOTI Android+ and Google Android deliver complete management and security for all deployment models and all versions of Android (past and present). SOTI Android+ is a set of technologies certified for use with over 95 Android OEMs.  Our biggest advantage over our competitors is the management of numerous devices (phones, tablets, etc.) using the same set of profiles.  This unique ability is specific to SOTI, and no other EMM vendor in the market has the capability to do this.

“It is possible to restrict the use of specific apps on each platform. For Android, this includes things such as the Device Settings, Google Play store, YouTube, and the Internet Browser.”

2. Same-day Support for iOS

Apple has made it extremely easy for the enterprise.  They have a robust set of management friendly APIs that all EMM vendors have access to – meaning SOTI can provide day 0 support of new iOS versions as they are released.  Another benefit of SOTI MobiControl is our iOS SDK which allows enterprise applications to be built with remote view of the app while it’s running.

3. Powerful Remote Control

Supporting a mobile workforce can be costly and difficult. Users with device or application problems often have to bring their mobile device back to the office, or work with IT over the phone to try and fix the problem.  The remote support features in SOTI MobiControl make it easy for IT Admin staff to communicate with remote users and then diagnose and solve mobility issues with users anytime, anywhere.

4. Industry’s Best Windows Support

SOTI MobiControl has been managing enterprise mobility since 2004. It started as a device management solution for Windows CE, and has evolved to support each new version; Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded, Windows Phone, and the earliest support for Windows 10. SOTI is renowned for its support for special-purpose and rugged devices in industry.

5. Easy Access to Corporate Content

As the mobile workforce grows, so does the need for anywhere, anytime access to key corporate documents and files. SOTI makes it easy for companies to control and curate key corporate content — training documentation, sales manuals, product specifications, and even video content can be distributed and managed through SOTI hub, SOTI Content Library and SOTI surf which are integrated into SOTI MobiControl.

“Adding files to the content library requires only a simple drag-and-drop operation from your desktop file explorer to the SOTI MobiControl content library. Once you have items in the content library, you can choose which devices have access either individually or by group.”

Leading the Way to IoT Management and Beyond

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. Soon, there will be billions of new devices and endpoints connected together to form complex business solutions that run without human interaction or awareness. In this new world of “things” talking to “things”, management and security is more challenging and critical than ever. SOTI is the first mobility management vendor to deliver solutions that manage and secure IoT devices and endpoints.

“SOTI MobiControl also provides the ability to manage remote printers and smart wearables devices, adding a wide range of vertical market-specific hardware to the typical stable of mobile phones and tablets.”

We are a pioneer in Mobile Device Management for rugged, special-purpose devices. For over 20 years, SOTI has delivered MDM solutions to all industry verticals. Then, as applications and content became an important part of business mobility, we helped steer the market toward EMM. Today, we are leading the way toward Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and will continue to secure and manage the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond.

“Managing mobile devices across clouds and business operations is more critical to enterprise success than ever before.” – Paul Ferrill, PC Mag 2016

Text and photos: www.soti.net

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