SignalONE ServiceDesk & Lifecycle management

Offers most basic and necessary support – Services eases budgeting and ensures that your network and devices are used as efficiently as possible.

ServiceDesk provides a single point of contact and LifecycleManagement – offers fast repair process coordination. Not only will we swiftly fix and return a broken device to the user, but also provide a replacement device from pool of spare devices while the device is in maintenance. The result is minimum setback to your mobile operations.


With proper management, network and device lifetime can even be extended. Network use and corporate productivity will not suffer when accurate information is available about aging equipment, with plans in place for their replacement. Network infrastructure remains in better shape in organizations that make use of predictive lifecycle management than in organizations that merely react to upcoming challenges.


Our maintenance service ensures that all programs and device-specific settings are correct after repair. In addition, our experts will provide a device lifecycle assessment and recommendations. Overall, this means that device stock will be used as efficiently as possible throughout its lifecycle – with an extended lifecycle also possible in some cases.




Top-trained technicians
– No need to invest in headcount to support your networks and devices or extensive training to keep them current and certified on the latest technology


Quick turnaround time
– Timely repair maximizes your product uptime and keeps your critical business functions running smoothly


One contact point – does it all
– Our ServiceDesk provides your team single point of contact to our experts in a possible incident or support situation by telephone or email
– No need to send equipment to multiple locations – we will handle the repair management for you


Budgeted expenses
– Services eases budgeting and ensures that your network and devices are used as efficiently as possible.





Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) 

With the explosive adoption of enterprise smartphones and tablets, enforcing corporate policies and best practices while supporting diverse user requirements can be a tough balancing act. Revolutionize your mobility strategy by managing corporate and employee-owned devices with SignalONE Enterprise Mobility Management



MANAGE – Efficiently utilizing corporate resources to generate higher return on investment in people, technology and processes


SUPPORT – Empowering IT administrators with productivity tools such as real-time visibility and full remote control to effectively assist mobile workforce


SYNCHRONIZE – Onboarding, monitoring, tracking and supporting a multitude of end-point devices accessing resources from anywhere and at anytime


REPORT & TRACK – Automating routine tasks, configuring alerts and exception notifications, monitoring trends and forecasting future requirements


SECURE – Applying enterprise appropriate policies (regardless of device ownership) and controls to identify gaps and respond to potential threats.
Manage complete mobile asset lifecycle, secure data and network integrity, integrate applications environment, optimize costs and operations management



Network Operations Center (NOC) 

Network monitoring ensures uninterrupted use of the information network


For mission-critical communications systems, ensure network continuity and maximum availability – don’t risk downtime. Success is directly tied to communications systems being up and running. Even a short outage can compromise productivity, data and employee safety.



Our network operations center (NOC) can centrally monitor and manage your LAN and WLAN networks, around the clock if needed. Your entire network infrastructure will remain firmly under control in accordance with your service level requirement. When your network is predictively monitored, expensive and difficult disturbances are minimized. Your network will operate as it should, imperceptibly and efficiently, leaving your organization to focus on its own core tasks. Our NOC monitors on your behalf.



SignalONE Network Monitoring keeps networks operating smoothly with maximized availability. Our Network Operation Center provides real-time, proactive network monitoring and immediate event detection to enable rapid response and system restoration.


– Take advantage of our centralized Network Operations Center, sophisticated tools and experienced System Technologists – no need to duplicate the investment yourself
– Your information network and equipment will be firmly under control, 24/7 if needed
– Immediate event detection and case escalation procedures to enable timely and efficient response and resolution


SignalONE – Inspection- and maintenance services


Onsite inspection for production WLAN networks (INSPECTION)

Maintain optimal network performance, save costs, and promote growth and network agility with expert guidance and proactive support.


SignalONE – Onsite inspection are done at regular intervals for checking up on the customer’s devices that are specified in the contract. Purpose is to detect any latent defects that cannot be noticed by remote management and to make precautionary measures to prevent problem situations.



– Hardware performance check
– Possible changes in the operating environment and their effect on usability
– To note any repair / modification needs



SignalONE- Preventive maintenance for printers (MAINTENANCE)


Every day, your printers help you streamline your business processes to improve overall operational efficiency and accuracy, drive down the cost of doing business and increase workforce productivity. Availability of your printers is key to the success of your business and the return on your printer investment. Now, with SignalONE, you can ensure that your Mobile, Tabletop, Desktop, Card and Kiosk printers achieve maximum uptime and peak performance.


Maintenance visits are done at regular intervals for the customer’s devices that are specified in the contract. Purpose is to detect possible defects and to perform preventive maintenance tasks in order to prevent possible future incidents.



– Hardware check
– Version upgrades
– To note any repair / modification needs on devices with estimated cost on the report
– Device cleaning and possible adjustments