SOTI MobiControl Key Features

SOTI MobiControl delivers more than just industry leading mobile device management and security. We enable your IT staff to manage every aspect of the company’s mobile devices, hardware, software, content and data. And we do it throughout the entire lifecycle of your devices, from provisioning to retirement. Because we are completely device and operating system agnostic, we work on every Android, Windows or iOS device. Even when a hardware manufacturer adds proprietary API’s to extend their MDM capabilities, SOTI guarantees compatibility. No one knows business mobility like SOTI, and no one offers a broader, more tested suite of features.


Organizations are dynamic; new hires, promotions, job changes, and departures keep IT staff on their toes. Different mobile requirements for remote workers, contract employees, knowledge workers, and factory workers add even more complexity. Add in regional policy variances and government regulation and it’s easy to grasp the magnitude of the challenge that IT departments face in deploying business mobility.

SOTI MobiControl Stage delivers intelligent policy management. We enable IT staff to customize policies to meet the changing needs of your business. User by user, or role by role – in policy groups of hundreds or thousands, SOTI can provision and configure device features and configurations to let you rollout new devices quicker with less effort and fewer errors. Reduced time for provisioning will get your employees up and running faster.



SOTI MobiControl Stage is an out-of-the-box provisioning solution. It enables the rapid configuration and deployment of mobile devices. Stage enables IT staff to install the MobiControl agent and configure devices (Wifi, VPN, NFC, Bluetooth) over the air.


SOTI MobiControl Stage can be enhanced using a barcode generator application to create profile specific barcodes that include detailed configuration information. SOTI’s already easy provisioning becomes even easier allowing a simple barcode scan to configure the device.


Device enrollment is a critical first step for mobility management. However, it can present a challenge for IT departments that are tasked with provisioning large numbers of devices across different areas of the business and different geographic locations. Administrators must enroll new devices with full security, application policies, device configurations, and enterprise resources, while dealing with management pressure and user expectations for rapid availability. SOTI MobiControl makes device enrollment easy, regardless of device, operating system, or deployment model.

SOTI supports the enrollment programs from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. We enroll mobile devices quickly, with a minimum of user interaction; driving down help desk call volumes and getting users productive without IT hassles. MobiControl Stage makes it even easier; integrating with the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Google Android for Work and enabling Express Enrollment via barcode scan.



IT staff can pre-configure device profiles that include; device features, settings, app catalogs, and content. The configuration is triggered automatically once the device is enrolled on the Management server.


IT Staff can configure enrollment profiles for groups of devices based on type, location, or user role. Device Manufacturer API’s such as Android for Work and the Apple Device Enrollment Program enhance SOTI’s bulk enrollment capabilities.


By any standard, today’s mobile devices deliver a staggering array of features to the end user. Competition between hardware manufacturers drives rapid innovation cycles producing new hardware and software features to push the boundaries of what is possible in mobile computing. Part of responsible device management includes policies to control business use of these powerful mobile computers to ensure that they are being used appropriately for business purposes.

SOTI gives IT administrators a full toolbox of mobile device feature controls. We help IT ensure that device features on your business’s mobile devices conform to acceptable use policies. IT administrators can enforce complex passwords, turn features on and off, implement hardware and OS restriction policies, and remotely lock and wipe devices. SOTI lets you turn a smartphone into a smarter phone, or even a dumbphone if that is what you prefer.



Integrated remote view and 2-way chat enable IT staff to see and discuss what is going on with the user. Remote control and file explorer enable remote manipulation of files and features on the device to help fix the device problem and get the user back up and running.


SOTI delivers geo-awareness and geo-fencing capabilities that enable IT staff to dynamically control user devices based on location. Soft and hard thresholds can be used to restrict device features, or shut it down completely.


Applications are one of the main drivers behind the success of business mobility. It started with simple apps like email and calendaring and today businesses rely on mobile Line-of-Business (LOB) applications, ERP and SFA solutions to empower their mobile workers and keep them productive on the road. At the same time, vendor app stores offer thousands of applications across dozens of categories. Application management can be extremely complicated; provisioning what apps are allowed on what device, managing updates, configuring settings, all of these activities are required on a regular basis.

SOTI delivers a comprehensive suite of mobile application management features. We enable over-the-air distribution, configuration, updating, and removal of apps from your enterprise library or public app store. We do this for Android, Windows and iOS applications. For mandatory business apps, we can install/remove apps in the background, without the user even being aware of what is going on. And whitelists/blacklists provide an extra layer of control. SOTI gives your business a fully unified, fully curated application experience.



Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) gives users unified credentials across Enterprise and App Store apps. A unified identity reduces “password fatigue” and support calls. IT staff defines an account and specify target applications that will authenticate using SSO credentials.


SOTI’s Enterprise App Catalog provides your workers with a private, pre-approved, secure selection of applications for them to download. Silent application installation allows your business to download and install the app without the user even being aware


Mobile workers need access to company content; reports, forms, files and data wherever they are. As many IT managers know, employees will do whatever it takes to access content on their mobile devices. This may include backdoor remote access or unsanctioned collaboration platforms.

SOTI delivers two options for delivering secure mobile content; SOTI Content Library and SOTI hub. They give your business a secure platform for the managed distribution of corporate content to/from mobile devices. IT staff can configure priority levels, specifying time durations for document availability, stagger content distribution by location, and enable automatic or on-demand downloads. In addition, your business files can be searched, filtered, sorted and grouped with tags making it easy for mobile workers to access the documents they want quickly and easily.



The SOTI Content library makes it safe and easy to distribute and manage access to corporate content through the MobiControl agent. We support multiple document formats and files can be pushed out one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all. Some of the options that IT staff can configure include; distribution by group/role, priority levels, time duration for document availability, release by geo-location, and much more.


The SOTI hub is a completely managed and secured content repository for your business. It allows your authenticated users to browse and download from an approved list of documents. All transactions are recorded for compliance reporting.


Device retirement is an often overlooked phase in the device management lifecycle. Many organizations consider it enough to throw the retired device in a drawer somewhere. However, it is important to properly retire or re-purpose a device properly when a user changes roles or leaves your organization. You need to remove all corporate content and applications from the device, wipe WiFi and VPN settings, and remove the device from you MDM enrollment database. Device retirement becomes even more challenging for temporary or contract employees, and BYOD devices.

SOTI provides easy, automatic device retirement; devices can be retired with the touch of a button and with a minimum amount of end user involvement. IT administrators can wipe corporate partitions, de-provision access to corporate resources, and unenroll BYOD devices from active management. Using over-the-air backup and device wipe, IT can stay on top of changes in the organization and ensure devices are re-purposed or retired according to corporate policy.



For some industries it is important that any device being retired is done so properly, and that a record of that process including; when it happened and what steps were taken, is kept for compliance reporting.


When a worker and their BYOD device is leaving the company, a data backup and wipe is required, but it cannot be performed across the entire device. The user may want to retain their personal contacts, message history, settings and installed applications. SOTI allows you to selectively backup and wipe the business container on the device.

SOTI MobiControl Architecture

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