The mission of Signal Partners is to help companies mobilize their business.

The construction and managing of business critical wireless networks is the area in which Signal Partners manifestly excels. One of this Finnish company’s customers is Vuosaari Harbour, the cargo harbour of the Port of Helsinki, where Signal Partners is responsable for WLAN performing flawlessly 24/7.  What would happen if the wireless network would not function?














“The activity of port operators such as Steveco, Finnlines and Multilink Terminals would terminate almost entirely because all working equipment is fitted with a PC device and because all employers have a mobile device requesting mission orders and containing  information on where to get the container and where it belongs, for example” Esa Salonen, the head of IT of Port of Helsinki, notes that “if there was no WLAN, all activity of the port would have to be operated by radiophones which would slow everything down or make things quite impossible.”
In Vuosaari, the whole port is wirelessly covered which means that there is a smooth interaction throughout the port area. How is it possible to maintain such WLAN network in working order round the clock, every day of the year?
In Vuosaari Harbour area there is an ongoing surveillance 24/7. In the event of critical failure in the system, our response time is 30 minutes. The appearance of any fault in a single network device in the Vuosaari Harbour WLAN network is not usually manifesting as such and fault conditions rarely occur because we are using Cisco’s latest WLAN technology. The Cisco products are the most effective ones on the market and, due to their good protection, they satisfy the quality criteria in any climatic conditions. This is why they are an excellent choice for the Finnish winter conditions” says Pekka Laitinen, the managing director for Signal Partners and the responsable of customership of Port of Helsinki.

Cisco is a market leader in secure and reliable networks. Signal Partners is one of the best wireless network providers for difficult environments. Together Cisco & Signal Partners have helped many companies especially in logistics and manufacturing to gain more efficiency for their business says Ilpo Mäkinen, CTO of Cisco Finland.

When asked whether Esa Salonen, the head of IT of Port of Helsinki has been satisfied with the practice of Signal Partners, the answer is ready.

“Our cooperation began in 2008 when the Vuosaari Harbour was built. The agreement has been renewed and expanded over the years. The operational integrity of the WLAN network that was built and secured by Signal Partners is of the highest level. In case of problems they respond to the problems quickly. If there will be a change or an extension to the needs of the system, they can be made available promptly by the expert support, Esa Salonen explains.

 When mobilizing of corporate business is a mission
Business critical WLAN network maintenance requires continuous development because of the needs and situations of the business change in port and in other sectors.
“Our mission is to help companies mobilize their business. We are at our strongest when WLAN network activity is critical from a business point of view, says Pekka Laitinen from Signal Partners.
Signal Partners mobilizes corporate business globally, but mainly focusing to the Nordic countries. Main sectors for the company are transport and logistics, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and field service.

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